Saturday, October 3, 2015

2nd Week

Wow.. 2 weeks already!?!? The weeks are definitely fast here! Thank you guys so much for the letters throughout the week they are such a pick me up no matter what mood I'm in :-) So as you all know my dad has been nagging me with a million different questions so hopefully I'll be able to provide ;-)

Well everyday starts the same, too early. I wake up at 6:30 every morning and go straight to gym, us Koreans are lucky because of that. I feel myself getting healthier and stronger (I run every morning). We then get back, get ready and go to breakfast. Then the real work begins, we go back to our rooms and plan our lesson for the day (we teach a lesson in Korean 5 out of every 7 days) After that we go tour lovely classroom at the 5th floor and do personal study, companion study, and Korean study, each for an hour. We then have a little additional study for ourselves then we have lunch. After lunch we go to class taught by a returned missionary for 3 hours, more add. study, then dinner. Back to class for another 3 hours, go to the dorms and relax for about 10 minutes, then write in our journals and go to bed. Hope you're happy dad ;-)

As for my district we all speak Korean and we're all going to Korea, haha except one elder going to New Jersey! The three elders I've specifically mentioned are going to Busan! 

 This week we viewed Richard G. Scott's funeral and it made me regret not watching any other apostle's funerals. It also got me really excited for general conference, and it is going to be a BIG ONE!

 This week I also got the opportunity to participate in a blessing for the sick, I anointed the oil. I felt the spirit so strongly that moment I was truly overwhelmed.

 Speaking of the spirit, it is truly something above this world. I had a couple days where I felt like I was stuck in a rut and I couldn't keep a grasp on the Holy Ghost like I was normally able to. Then I prayed.. I didn't just talk to God, I poured my very soul to him in prayer. I begged for peace, for my heart to be freed from the troubles that had overcome them and mocked me. I awoke the next morning knowing my prayers had been answered. read (Mosiah 27:25), that is the only way I can describe it. I was reborn, I was reborn onto Christ. I know that my savior lives, there is no way in this world where I could speak in a language completely unknown to me 2 weeks ago and be now be able to read scriptures, fully pray, sing hymns, tell a man I am his brother for we are all God's children and so much more save it be a miracle. The Lord is with me and I pray every night he won't leave my side again. 

 I am like the sons of Mosiah (Alma 17-27) amazing chapters you guys should definitely read it. This book has changed me, in 10 days I've read 170 pages and everyone knows that I'm not the biggest fan of reading haha. I will go out to the front lines of the adversary and proclaim the truthfulness of the gospel, to be an instrument in the Lord's hands. I love you guys so much, I miss every single one of you. by the way mamas those cookies you and papas sent made me feel so at home (there was definitely a frenzy for them with the other elders haha). 

 I love you all so much!!! 

Until we meet again

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