Wednesday, October 28, 2015

36 days

Hey all of you :-) I love you guys :-) I'm so happy you guys had such a great time up camping! I'm so bummed that I was not able to be up there with you guys but I'm sure you had just as great of a time without me! I love knowing you guys were up in one of my favorite places on earth!. I hope that you told everyone up there hi for me! I hope you guys are feeling as blessed as I am. Of course there will be those days of homesickness and loneliness but I know that I'm doing the right thing here and that it is growing my testimony along with preparing me to be my own man for the future. 

So let me just tell you all a little more about life here at the MTC. I'll be honest it's kinda rough, I mean like training for ragnar rough. There is not a drop of caffeine here! I feel like I'm being forced to enjoy root beer more than I ever have before. That's what happens when you have such a low variety of choice... The food... That is a whole subject on it's own! Well every Sunday and Wednesday we have ice cream for lunch and dinner. Sunday because it's Sunday and Wednesday to kinda help out the new arrivals. But for me it's not just getting old hahaha. The food at most times is bearable, nothing to boast about though that's for sure. And the first few weeks it throws your body off unexplainable ways. (lets just say that the English elders are lucky their here only 2 weeks) Because week 3, most people end up sick hahaha! I didn't, of course ;-).


My Korean is moving along just fine, I feel as if I've learned more about this language in the last week than I have in the whole time here! At the end of the day you definitely feel it though, I only just collapse on my bed and wonder if I can Korean every again! When I get to call you guys on the way to the airport I will show you guys just a little of what I know :-) (BTW I need a couple burner phones soon!)

Every Tuesday and Sunday we have devotionals, most the time its someone we've never heard of but we've had a couple members of the seventy come so far! (no apostles yet though) But that's expected because we got general conference! But on Sundays we get to go see a church movie after the devotional and most the time they're really good but every once and a while we'll go to a movie in Korean and just laugh/cry as we realize that they talk way way way to fast! 

So this week in the Secret tie draft I unfortunately got one of the worst ties hahaha! It was a tie covered in roller skates and just said "skate" everywhere!!! I only wore it half the day because we had devotional later that day and I'd prefer to not get panned over during choir and everyone see that ugly tie! My companion however had a Christmas tie on and wore it proud!

I need more pictures of you guys!!!! and some more of those adorable puppies! they look like they're growing like crazy!!! I have no idea how you guys expect to get rid of them when they're that adorable :-) 

So I'm just going to real quick tell you the amazing story I had this week. Last Friday we were pulled aside for one on two coaching and what me and elder Wilson were told was that we had to be more unified in our lessons. We really took this to heart. I know that these lessons are just role-play but I'll tell you guys that the spirit is so extremely strong in them. Over the last week we had 2 of the strongest lessons we've ever had. The teacher never is really supposed to give you feedback about your lessons because no investigator is going to tell you how you did, but our teacher came back in and came up to us and told us how amazing our lesson was! This lesson that we taught (in Korean) was not the lesson we went in there planning to teach. It is amazing how strongly the spirit will guide a lesson if you are willing to take its guidance. The next day during our lesson about the same thing happened, we had had him watch a video about God's love for us (BTW if you guys are ever bored just go watch bible videos and Mormon messages they are amazing!) anyway he was asking questions and I asked him about his faith in Christ and God. He told us about his faith and I then asked him if he'd show that faith to God by being baptized. After a moment of silence... he said yes. My Companions head shot up and I was completely overwhelmed with emotion. I tried to tell him how happy we were for him making this choice and finally was able to through my tears. The Holy Ghost was as if a fire. I know it normally speaks in a still small voice, but this was a roar. A roar of overwhelming joy and happiness for my brother, who just took a step forward in his life. It made me think about how God must feel when we obey his commandments, the undeniable love he has for us is something that lesson truly testified to me.

I love you guys so much and I hope you're all doing alright! I love you guys so much!!!

Keep me updated! I love you guys with all my heart :-) Miss you guys!

Elder Fox

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