Sunday, November 22, 2015


Wow I don't even know where to start when it comes to writing this email!! I guess I'll just start from stepping off the final plane of my 25ish hour journey haha. We stepped off the plane and had to take a bus to the actually terminal to pick up all of our luggage and meet our Mission President. Might I add that he is probably one of the greatest men I've met while being out here? He just seems so happy all the time and immediately we all felt so comfortable talking to him. Him and his wife honestly felt like our parents right out of the gates, probably because we all had no idea what we were doing! Anyways we  were then hurried out to the set of cars that were waiting for us and then off we went! I'll just say that I would prefer not to drive in a car to many more times in Korea because that was scary haha. So we were able to make it to the mission home safely, which let me just say I don't think I've seen a more gorgeous city at night, it truly was overwhelming! We stayed at the mission home for the first couple nights, we were able to experience some of the food, which I'll talk about more later, we had some nice long training sessions but that was kind of expected. What was unexpected was on day one, they told us we were going to do some good old 전도. I then realized what that meant, Proselyting. Yup so day 1 we were out there walking the streets trying to meet new people and bring others to Christ, crazy. It was really great though, it was an amazing experience, of course the trainers talked mostly but it was a great intro into the new world I had just walked into. I learned from that experience was to just talk to everyone, don't be scared. We started talking to this man and he completely shot us down but we kept trying, then suddenly his son in law came up and we had a nice 15 minute conversation with him.


The next day came and we were told where and who with we were serving, I am now currently in 마산 (Masan). It is a bigger city that rests at the bottom of this mountain/big hill. Unfortunately for us, our apartment is at the top of that mountain haha. I'm not complaining to much because the view is unforgettable! It overviews the whole city and we can see all of the hills in the distance and the ocean, it's just gorgeous. I'll definitely send a picture later! In our apartment it has 4 Elders which is nice cause all of them are really cool. Oh also, in Korean they don't really do beds, so we just have 4 mattresses and what's called (YO)s which are just like big thick pads. anyways, My trainer, he's fantastic. He's been here for about a year and 3 months and has been in Masan for about 6 months. He knows so much it's ridiculous! I'm just trying to keep up! His name is Elder Todd which always gives me a laugh because the Fox in Fox and the Hound is named Todd so we are totally meant to be companions haha. He is just great.


Now for the food, this food has 3 words I'd use to describe it. Different, Spicy, and GOOD. Haha I didn't really expect to enjoy the food as much as I do, maybe they're just spoiling me since it's my first week but this food here is really good. Definitely different though haha, I am still trying to get used to the temperature of everything, which is lava hot, and trying to eat it with chopsticks hahaha. I can hold my own but I definitely can't eat as fast as everyone else! So I have been here for just a few days and I was in the middle of one of my meals and I pull out something I didn't recognize for a moment, it was an octopus leg. Apparently super common, definitely unexpected haha. Other than that I haven't had anything crazy just yet, but you just wait! 


So other than classic missionary work, we've gotten the chance to teach a couple English classes which is really cool and a weekly thing we do here! We also got to go bowling with the youth and I did something really weird haha. Well first game I did great with a 158, then I became cursed by some bad luck from my companion haha and then scored 79... Let's just stick with the first one hahaha. :-) On Sunday I also was able to introduce myself to the ward (which has about 60 people) and tell them who I am and where I'm from and all that. They all gasped when I said I had only been in Korea for 1 week hahaha. 


I can't believe that my first week here has already gone by! It's amazing but still so scary trying to speak a language that I'm the best in, but I know eventually it will come. I can't wait to be able to tell people what my heart is saying, and to be able to share this wonderful message I have even better. I love you all so much and can't wait to be able to see you all again, I can't wait until Christmas! Okay, I love you!!!

Elder Fox

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Day Is Here

This Morning (November 17, 2015) Spencer's plane landed in Korea!!!! and he sent this email today...

Wow... Guess what just hit me, a CULTURE SHOCK! I can't even explain how overwhelming this is, but I can say this. This place is probably one of the most beautiful places I've ever laid my eyes on. I will be sure to take a load of pictures so that everyone can see! So we were able to just email really quickly today just to tell everyone we've made it here safely, So I just wanted to say again, I love you. I love each one of you so much and I hope you guys realize that doesn't just change because I'm on the other side of the world haha :-) I will keep you all updated about my first week. There might be too much to put into one email! I'm pretty sure my P-days are Mondays, or Sundays for you haha it is currently 9 am here and I'm guessing around 5 for you all? Wow I miss you all so much,  I can't wait to be able to tell you guys everything!

All my love, 

Elder Fox

Last Week in The MTC!!!

There is no way to express the craziness that has filled this week! Although it has been practically the same as any other week, it couldn't be any different! I cannot believe that I haven't see any of you in the last 8-9 weeks of my life. It really is a change! Anyways I'll just kinda explain real quick how this week started out. Friday morning we got our flight plans, which set us all off and got us all insanely excited! The biggest surprise about it was that we are going straight from SLC airport to Tokyo Japan! That is like a 12-13 hour flight! I'm not sure but we may have a stop in Portland too... Guess I might as well read the book of Mormon again or something ;-) From there we have a 3 hour layover and then on to Busan South Korea! 
   I just wanted to take a minute real quick and thank everyone who has sent me letters or packages! They are always a pick me up! And Dad got mad at me for not giving him any glory for the cinnamon rolls he sent me so I've got to thank him for that now ;-) Those and the toaster oven are a really great combo though, my breakfast now consists of chocolate milk and a heated cinnamon roll :-) 

This week we were lucky enough to participate in testimony meeting of English speaking elders. Not just normal English speakers, foreign English speakers. these 5 people were from all over the world and were going English speaking. They testified to us and I don't think any of us realized the power of a testimony, even if it was in a broken language. They did not teach us through their language, they taught us through the Spirit of God and I was overcome, in tears. It made me think of everyone at home, my family. I wanted to just shout out to everyone the testimony that I've grown here, but I know I'll get my chance :-) 

So on Sunday sacrament meetings our presidency chooses 2 people randomly to give talks. The brutal thing is they don't tell you until you here the conductor announce your name (in Korean). I was chosen. It was very weird, because normally I am really nervous about it up until the names are announced, but a part of me knew that I was getting called for some reason. When I was called I bowed my head in prayed and quickly said, "Please do not let me be the one giving this talk, let me be your instrument, speak through me". I got up to the pulpit and began to speak, I began to speak smoother than I ever had in Korean, I didn't feel worried, I wasn't scared, except my body hadn't figured that out yet because it was still shaking hahaha. I wasn't sure if it was making sense until I got down from the pulpit, the Korean natives were smiling and shaking their heads up and down so I took that as enough of 'you did good'. :-) 

We did one on one coaching and evaluations with our teachers this week too, and it was what I needed. My companion is very very good at this language and sometimes I struggle to keep up. But that is not what my Teacher thought. She said exactly what I needed to hear. Sister Washburn told me that I am one of the most sincere and caring missionaries. She told me that I truly concentrate on the Investigator and that is more valuable than any part of the language :-) even my Branch President complimented me on it which was a nice relief.

This week we had our 2 sisters from Tonga leave for Korea early, it was pretty sad because we all had really grown close. 

 Love you all!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

8 Weeks!

Hey to everyone back home! Especially my Family! :-) I don't know if you all have realized this yet but today will mark 51 one days since the beginning of this crazy little journey! I can't express how excited I am in my preparation for Korea and spreading the word of the gospel, even though it might not be the easiest thing to do in a foreign language I didn't understand at all 50 days ago haha. I can admit that this is definitely something that I never fully understood that I would be experiencing. I am growing so much here and I really wish you all could see me right now, because I'll be honest I am not the same person, haha in a good way though. I can truly say that being here at the MTC is like someone hits the fast forward button on your mental and spiritual maturation. It makes me look back on my past and wish I understood what I do now. But that is a part of learning and growing and I couldn't be more grateful :-) I miss you all so much and really do wish I hadn't taken for granted the time that I spent with each and every one of you. I love you all so much and I truly hope you realize the extent of that love I have for my family :-)

    As for anything new over here, we had a kinda big change this week. At the beginning of the week we found out that we were splitting our district in half, it was really bitter sweet because I had grown so close to all the people that I've met and had learned this brutal language with. But it was needed. We are now down to 6 in a district (which is still big) and next week we have some sisters from tonga who will leave a week early so then we'll be down to 4! We were moved back to our old building which is lot more... Cozy. Haha but it's not a big deal other than I miss the view we had from our top floor classroom (the stairs I don't miss at all). Anyway our district had a flag that we fought over because it was given to us by an older district. We earned it but it keeps getting stolen every once and a while hahaha. 
Yesterday we got our first letter from our branch president in an attempt to kinda give us a heads up of what we'll do when we get to Korea. Now everyone's going crazy over it hahaha. So dad asked about who is going to Korea, Well everyone in our district is except one, half of us are going to Busan, and the other to Dagon. The one other elder is serving in New Jersey because there is a Korean branch there! Mom asked what kind of uses we've been getting out of the toaster oven and I'll tell you you've gotten your value out of it! We really enjoy toasting bagels and bread in the morning, sometimes even cinnamon rolls! Later in the day we use it to heat up Korean style jerky(which is delicious) and to make smores! Thank you so much for everything you guys do, this is just one of the many things my family has done for me and I couldn't be more grateful :-).

    This Sunday I had a great opportunity to bear my testimony, yes, in Korean. I can say nothing less than I was not speaking, the Lord was speaking through me. I felt at such peace while talking, having prepared nothing before and not knowing exactly what I wanted to say, but as I spoke I felt the power of the Holy Ghost fill me and I was at complete peace, no pressure. Dad you sent me and amazing little story from you missionary journal, I'd like you to share that on my blog, it brought me to tears and I loved it so much I wanted to share it with everyone. That night we also had a devotional completely dedicated to families, and I'll tell you, I was a wreck so to speak. haha. I am so grateful for you all, I really can't express it enough, I love you guys. 

     But what most importantly happened this week, I finished the Book of Mormon, cover to cover. I don't think I could complete express my testimony of it's truthfulness over an email, but I will try. As I went throughout my day pondering the last few chapters of the book, I was preparing to take upon myself Moroni's Challenge of praying with an open heart about the Book of Mormon. Moroni 10:3-5. That night when I knelt down to pray, I was completely overwhelmed with the Holy Ghost, it was as if the inside of my chest was being warmed by a fire, that was growing to become larger than my chest. I, without a doubt, know that this Book is the Word of God. I know, that through sincere study of this book, the Lord will grant unto anyone the ability to learn for themselves the beauty and truth that lay waiting to be found within the pages of this book. I love you all, I love my family, my aunts, my uncles, my grandparents, I love my friends, I love Mckalie. And if I could ask of one thing for the well being of every single person I love in this life, it would be to read this book, look for the truth, want to find the truth, and I promise, with all of my heart, you will find it. I love you all so much, and I can't  wait to see you all again.

God be with you till we meet again, :-)

Elder Fox.