Thursday, September 24, 2015


I'm Samantha Fox, Spencer Fox's Sister, I will be doing this blog about his mission for the next two years

(Spencer is in the back row on the left)
   Oh my gosh I can't believe I haven't seen you guys for a week! I have to say it's been crazy but as of 8 days into it I can say that I am feeling like this is going to be a pretty amazing experience. :-) Before I start telling you guys about everything that I've been doing while out here I just wanted to say that I miss you guys and that I love  you so much. I know this is going to be hard but I know that this is going to be a gigantic blessing for my life and yours as well.

 I'm going to start out by saying that the first couple days were extremely hard, as you'd expect. The second you're away from your family everything is moving so fast you begin to get overwhelmed and you just can't see and ending to it... Then they start speaking Korean to you. Haha I'll say this though, The gift of tongues is definitely true, but more of that later. Anyway I just couldn't stop thinking about my family, McKalie and my friends that first day and it was definitely hard. What made it so much better was the elders I had by my say. I am not surprised that everyone says these will be your lifelong friends because you definitely spend enough time with them for them to become that! There is elder Lunt, Elder Malher, and elder Wilson, my companion. They are such a great group of guys that truly are a great time to be around.

 But my true turn around happened that Sunday; we were sitting in the choir on Sunday devotional and we sang how firm a foundation. The third verse struck me so hard, I could feel the holy ghost rush into my heart and I knew why I was out here again, to bring others the knowledge of the true and everlasting gospel, and my personal most importance, eternal families. I knew right then and there that I needed to stick with it and that I was in the right place for myself at that time. I needed the inspiration that day badly because I definitely felt as if I had a few issues with my companion. Our personalities at first didn't mesh the best.  To find an answer to this I knelt down in prayer and ask the Lord for guidance and understanding.  Not one day later, I was perfectly fine. He had not changed at all and yet I knew I was capable of what I must do.  Along with this change, I didn't get sad thinking about my family, it gave me a smile, I got a letter from both my family and Mckalie that day and I'd say that getting them didn't make me homesick, but just extremely happy, it was rejuvenating. 

 Oh ya, as for Korean... It's insane, it really is. At first I had no Idea how I was supposed to figure out this language in just 9 weeks, but then something started to change. I began to see it differently, we prayed for the gift of tongues at every meal, every lesson, every prayer since, and it has shown its power through our prayers. By day three I could read the language, I didn't know what it all meant, but I could read everything, not fast of course. I am so grateful that I get this opportunity to receive this gift. I know that I'll be strong in the language in my own time and I look forward to the time when I become fluent. did I mention that they made us teach a lesson the third day? All Korean. Those lessons haven't just helped with the language, but have truly cemented parts of my testimony. I also can pray in Korean now too! Other English lessons have been true testimony builders too, I can't say that I have ever felt the holy ghost so consistently in my life. I have felt it's strength before, but I can say that I have felt those holy ghost not leave my side for days on end. It is such an amazing experience to feel and to know you hold a part of the God head with you at all times, I'll just take a moment to stop and think how big of a blessing that is. 

 The MTC is pretty nice, we have all our days planned out for us and we are able to get anywhere within 5 minutes (even though they put the Korean missionaries on the top floor of every single building to prep us for the field). The food however, not so nice. It was nice the first few days but once you have a mediocre hamburger for 5 days in a row, not so appetizing. haha, it is part of the experience though so I am so grateful for it. Other than for the food we sit in class 8 hours a day at the least and drill ourselves with Korean. 

 Mom, just wanted to let you know, mainly out of spite, I have worn a long sleeved shirt and suit for 8 of the 9 days I've been here, sorry ;-). Oh and for my blue suit, totally fine! Not one comment or complaint, (well except for the compliments). 

The days are long here but the weeks are short, I look forward to being able to see you guys again and can't wait to tell you everything I learn. As I learned during the Sunday devotional, these won't be the best years of my life, but the best years for my life. I testify of the truthfulness in that statement, and the truthfulness of the Gospel. I can't wait to serve the lord, and to see you all again.

 Until we meet again, Elder Fox.

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