This page will have weird, interesting, funny, etc. things that happen to Spencer during his mission!!!!

*On Spencer's Third week in the MTC all of his group went to the temple and while they were there Spencer met David Archuleta. He said it was really cool and got to shake hands with him.

*Neil L. Anderson came to speak to them on Tuesday and he said it was amazing! When he walked in the whole room's atmosphere changed and Spencer knew that was a true testament to his apostleship to the Lord. He spoke on the following words: Sacrifice, Opposition, Adversary, and Deliverance.

*Spencer read the whole Book Of Mormon, cover to cover, in only 51 DAYS!!!!!
 (Read more in week 8 post)

*November 17, 2015 Spencer landed in the Korea and he says its a lot differen't
  (Read more in the day is here post)

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