Thursday, October 8, 2015

3rd week

Hey guys! Time is definitely flying by here, I'll be honest, I swore just 2 days ago was P-day! So sorry if this isn't the best email because it definitely feels like I'll be only writing about 3 days here! I've been having some great experiences here, I have been able to concentrate completely on learning Korean and I feel like it's coming along pretty well! I have memorized hundreds of words (like seriously I have HUGE stacks of flashcards). I don't know how I'm going to do it, to be able to talk to people who I've never met and tell them in their language about the restored gospel, but I have complete and utter faith that through the holy ghost I'll be able to invite others unto Christ.

 So I guess it would be ridiculous if I didn't talk about general conference in my mission email right? haha I have to say that it was aaaamazing! Watching it in the MTC  is definitely a completely new experience that I wouldn't trade for anything! I learned so much from this general conference and was extremely sad when it was over. I did find one part of it unfair, Elder Holland's talk about mothers, not fair. In the MTC we're all missing our moms so much and that talk just was perfect, there was hardly a dry eye in the room, especially mine! Another talk that I hope you all listened to was, "Ponderizing" I hope you all have a scripture picked out! I can't express how important to me the scriptures are now. I mean, I knew they were important when I got here but I did not understand in the slightest the power and comfort that they hold. I have read the Book of Mormon for my personal time every day and I get disappointed when I have to stop! I'll be trying to send you guys some scriptures to look so you guys can share with me in this experience :-). I can testify of the truthfulness in these words from God. I have opened my heart to understanding and pondering scriptures, and it is true; if you will read them and pray about them to your Heavenly Father with a sincere heart, the spirit will manifest it's truthfulness to you. So after general conference we had a special devotional from Vocal Point which was pretty awesome. The power of music really does influence inspiration and peace, they were completely different than any other devotional we've had so it was a really nice mix up. That day we went and watched the restoration in Korean. It was really cool, but really really funny. Haha the voice overs were probably the cheesiest things I've ever heard! But on the other side it was a little overwhelming too because of the speed of their speech.

 I love you guys so much, I'm sorry if I didn't write that much but I just wanted to let you guys know that I'm thinking about you guys all the time. I hold dear to me the letters I get from all of you and wish I could give you big hugs for all the support you guys have given me!  I can't wait to hear your voices in 6 weeks, It is CRAZY to think that I am already a 3rd of the way down with the MTC. Like wow! Next week it'll be a month, It really is fascinating at how quickly time moves here.

 thanks for everything you guys!

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