Monday, January 11, 2016

The week of Lessons!

Well I can just say this and that is this week was filled with lots and lots of teaching!!! Last week we wanted to hit a total of 20 lessons and we hit only half of that. We decided it was probably because of new years but this week we were DETERMINED to do it! And we really set out to do it. We decided the way we could do this was try to meet and talk to everyone we met and have multiple lessons with everyone of our investigators! As we did this, we saw some of the best success ever, more than seemed possible! So of course with all these lessons there also came stories. So let me just start out with a few, I'll start with our investigator with the most potential, that is (SongJuneYoung).


So like my emails have said he was supposed to be baptized this week but unfortunately we didn't believe he was ready just yet, but he is so close! I am about 99% sure it will happen this month! So now that we are giving him more time to prepare we have been reading and explaining the Book of Mormon with him and helping him understand it more, apparently the BoM in Korean is kind of a difficult to understand translation. He has made so much progress, he has come to church for the last 3 weeks straight, he reads every day, prays every day, and researches too haha. I'll be honest he probably knows more about Wilford Woodriff than I do! But he his just all around a great guy, he has honestly changed his life, he has told us that before he met us he didn't exactly have any direction, like he was at a dead end, but that is how the Gospel and Heavenly Father's love helps people, it gives them that direction and guidance they need to understand their purpose here. So anyway, we were teaching him and one of his friends, and as we were driving over to the church his friend wanted to show us a Korean Buddhist temple (Tour guide he called himself haha). Anyway it was up the mountains about 5 minutes and was very old and a very culturally interesting experience! As we were leaving the man that's kind of equivalent to the bishop walked in and lets just say his car was not exactly what you expected, it was luxurious. The friend told us that the bishop man made more money than any of them could imagine, which was kind of interesting because he made his money from services at that temple, but all in all, amazing cultural experience. 


So our investigator named (KimJuneSok), The one who was my age and listened really well, he left for 근대 (gunde) Which is the military. Every male has to 2 years for the country in order to stay in the country so it puts a damper on lots of investigators... Anyway we gave him one last lesson and it was probably one of the strongest lessons we've ever taught. I was exchanging with a different Elder then, Elder Godfrey, then so the investigator only really talked to me and I promised him if he wanted to find truth he'd find it in the Book of Mormon, and he said he'd read it during military. I gave him my email and then we said our goodbyes, I'm really going to miss that kid. 


Then English class happened. And that was crazy, The other elders went home because one of them was feeling sick so then it was just me and Elder Todd. Normally we will have max about 4-5 people, but that day we had 10 people! I taught specifically 3 little kids and they were just too cute! It was kinda unfair because the little girl who was 2 totally reminded me of Jessica when she was young so it was just too much adorableness to handle hahaha. The mother is an English teacher and was actually being taught about 5 years ago from missionaries but then she had her kids so stopped taking lessons! We are hoping we can teach her soon :-) Oh also her English name is Julie so yet another good laugh right mom? :-) She is really nice, she bumped into us on the street while we were walking around and offered to buy us a little snack! It's amazing how nice people are to missionaries, it really is nice seeing how people recognize us as representatives of Christ  and because of that they always try to offer us things and are commonly really kind! 


We also had 2 new kids find us and want to receive lessons! They are really great and I believe that they have loads of potential. We asked one of them to read the BoM and write down questions, then he came back and loads of questions!!! He also is majoring in Physics so we had a huge discussion on how God works along with natural and science laws! Super cool lesson and really spiked his interest! "The more I learn about science, the more I believe there is a God" -Albert Einstein. 


As for everything else, we hit our goal for lessons, with 1 to spare, hitting 21 lessons this week. The most Elder Todd has ever seen in his mission and hopefully just the beginning. Lots of people have the mind set of, this is not a baptizing mission, I call bologna. I believe this transfer is the transfer of Baptismal dates, I truly believe within the next 3 months, there will be more than 5 baptisms, and I'll work my hardest for that. I love you all! Thanks for the emails, they really make everything so much better knowing how all your lives are going!!! :-) 

Elder Fox


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