Saturday, January 2, 2016

Merry Christmas Everyone!

(Sorry these took so long to get up...Been a busy few weeks....Pictures will be posted soon)

There is only one way to describe this week. Unforgettable, really absolutely unforgettable. Christmas week was filled with small tender mercies and miracles that I probably wouldn't of noticed in past years, but I noticed them this year and I was beyond grateful for the chance to have my eyes opened to them. I always wondered why people said that they receive their favorite gifts for Christmas out on their missions and I didn't know why, I know why now. Looking back, I would of traded almost any gift I had ever received just for the chance to stay on that Skype call; that is a miracle. Even now thinking about seeing you all it warms my heart and makes me think of how much I took for granted before my mission. The fact that just seeing their faces, hearing their voices, and just simply talking to them had such an impact on me really opened my eyes to how much I miss them and love them all. Haha I'll tell ya one of the hardest things I've done is hit the end button on that call. At that point I was just crying with joy and the only 2 things I could muster up after that call was to hug Elder Todd and to offer a prayer of gratitude. I have never been so thankful for anything in my life and I can't wait for the day that a gift tries to compete with that. The one thing that I realized was that I want a lot more pictures from you all, just last week I bought a Flash drive so I could have Mormon Messages but also so I could get all the pictures sent to me and have them so I can get them printed out! I am really grateful for everything that I have gotten but nothing will compare to that Skype video call and I am looking forward Mother's day that's for sure :-) 

So this week before that amazing moment was pretty much filled to the brim! So I'm just going to tell you some of the smaller stuff then talk about the bigger stuff! Last week this member who is really nice gave us these free certificates to go eat at this super super fancy buffet that was at the top of this wedding expo center and looked out over the ocean. The food was fantastic and I actually got to eat some steak! mmm it was so good haha :-) 

One of the gifts that unfortunately got scheduled right around Christmas was transfer calls! every 6 weeks we find out if we are moving locations or staying. I am lucky enough to be staying and training with the same trainer, but the crazy thing is now my area doesn't have sister missionaries! So now we are in charge of somehow teaching some of their investigators which is really tough because we have to have a member of our gender there with us just because of missionary rules so we aren't sure how it will go.

We have been working extremely hard lately. We took a couple hours of planning to organize ourselves and we are starting to realize that we're doing really good! We have about 7 investigators now and probably 2 more by the end of the week! A couple of them came to church too! We have 2 weeks until the baptism so we better get moving on preparing him. This week we are shooting for 20 lessons which is double what we did this week but with the spirit boost of seeing our families I'm about positive we can do it ;-) We got another baptismal date this week as well, it's 송준영's (Songjoonyoung) friend! He seems like a family man now and I think he is really determined to change :-) In fact the lesson we taught him was on Christmas and it was a Christmas miracle. We sat there amazed as Songjoonyoung started to teach his friend about the Restoration and the Word of Wisdom with very little fault. Very rarely was I as impressed as I was right then, it was amazing. 

We had a Christmas party this week with our ward and it was great, we had a couple investigators come and being able to have some fun was a real nice relief. Our missionaries actually put on a play and it was pretty good! my main line was, as translated "My Boss is Evil". Haha all the kids got a kick out of it and it was nice seeing the warmth the spirit brought to the party. 


I love you all so much and I wish I could just Skype you all all the time but I know that it will all be worth it, I am so proud of all of you for the great support you've given me. Please don't forget the Savior this Christmas time, I know that I would be nothing without him. I love you all so much, please write! And please tell me about your wonderful Christmas season! (I already know about the snow) Love you guys :-) 


Elder Fox

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