Monday, January 11, 2016

Happy New Years Everyone1 2016!

Well it is absolutely insane thinking that I have been here long enough for the whole new year to begin! I mean I the weeks go bye faster and faster (except this one kinda was longer) and I just can't get enough work in when the time is moving this fast! We are looking forward to having a baptism on this Sunday!!! We still have to get some things sorted out for him but if it's not this week it will most likely happen next week! I will make sure that I send pictures of him at the baptism!!! I know I need to do better and send more pictures I promise I'll try harder! I'll talk about him a little more a little later. but for now I wanted to talk about what happened all over the world this week and that's NEW YEARS!!! So In Korea Christmas is not nearly as big as New Years. New years is HUGE here! It feels kinda like Christmas in America. But the really cool tradition that is common there is not what happens new years eve but the morning of new years day! So the tradition is that everyone goes to these parties and watch the Sunrise of that new year. So we and a few of the ward members went to nearly the top of Masan mountain (we practically live at the top so not too long of a walk) and went to this party where everyone was handing out balloons to let of the moment the sun raised of the hills! I thought that was a really cool tradition and I would love to keep it going when I get back from Korea. But when we tried to proselyte on new years we had no success because it just was like a ghost town everywhere! Anyway that was one of the coolest things I've done for new years that's for sure haha.


 At the beginning of this week, since it was half way through my transfer, we went to Busan to go and have a half-training meeting. It pretty much consisted of me seeing all my MTC friends again and talking about how crazy missionary work is! One thing that I noticed really quickly is that a lot of people have accepted how difficult it is to do missionary work and to baptize in Korea. It kinda made me think of why Elder Todd and I have had so much success. I truly believe it's because I won't accept that it's hard to baptize here. I know that it is harder than other places, but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen! During our meeting it really helped me realize how much I've changed since I've left the MTC. I mean everyone has and everyone has had amazing experiences but It seems like I one of the only people still PUMPED to be doing missionary work! Now that may not be true, I hope it isn't at least, but that's the feeling I got and it was kinda disappointing. At the end of the meeting we had some great food for lunch with everyone and then me and Elder Todd and to leave the meal a little early so we could make it back for an appointment. We have had a pretty successful week although not everything went right, it helped us work harder! 


So our investigator 송준영(SongJuneYoung) He has been making leaps and bounds in progression. If you can tell me anyone who fasted on fast Sunday before they were a member then I'd be impressed. He has learned all the lessons now and so we are just helping him understand the Book of Mormon as he reads. I think that is something that has really grown my testimony this week. I don't think I've ever really appreciated that book for all it was, That book contains the most truth of any book on this earth, and Heavenly Father has given us the chance to have it and be able to read it every single day. That book, if ANYONE wants to find the truth, if they are lost, or confused, or just have no idea where they need to go, the answer is so simple put before them. That book can answer the questions of your soul. It can guide you, comfort you, and lead you to the truth, and all you have to do is truly want to find the truth. Isn't that just amazing? 


I am so happy that I was able to have this crazy week :-) I mean the crazier it gets the harder I want to work! I am so happy I was able to hear from all of you for christmas and I just wanted to say again that I love you all so much.

Elder Fox

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