Sunday, December 13, 2015

One Month of Korea down!

Well this is kind of crazy to think that I have already been out here for a month! It sure doesn't feel like that! I guess staying as busy as possible is really making everything move this quickly! I have had a great week this week but it has had it's moments of frustrations and just disappointments. But what would missionary work be without that right?? It has really helped me appreciate the people are progressing! Those people I'll talk about in just a little bit but first I just wanted to talk about the tough parts so we can get those out of the way and move on to the great things! 


During this week we had those moments where it just felt like nothing was going right. This week it rained quiet a lot, I'm not complaining because I love the rain, but people in Korea definitely do not. There is this stigma here that every little drop of rain is very acidic, which sometimes it is, but they always fear that if they go out without an umbrella there hair is going to fall out!!! So they don't like to stay outside for to long which obviously makes finding new people pretty hard! But for the most part we have enough investigators to not be too worried but I'd still love to be finding new people. We had this moment where we had a meeting with this potential investigator who said he could meet at this place at this certain time. That place is an hour and a half walk but half hour by bus. We had some other things fall through so we decided, hey, lets just walk. Totally wrong decision hahaha. It was extremely disappointing because we finally made it over there and it turned out we had blown us off. It wasn't the worst thing in the world but it really did feel like we had just lost a full day and that we were going to have to make it up somehow. 


Another tough point that came was when we tried to go teach the man who owns the dojo, the one that has the adorable family haha. Anyway we got there and he decided to tell us that he wasn't interested in the gospel and that he had a religion already. The only good thing that came out of that was that he told us he wanted us to keep coming and working out with him, so we've done that and we have built a real strong relationship with their family! But it was a real tough moment when I was leaving their dojo after he told us that, I asked Elder Todd "I'm going to have to get used to that aren't I?" And he told me that yes I would. It was a tough moment, I really love their family and it makes me sad thinking that they don't know what blessings come from the gospel, that they don't know they could live with their family forever. I know they will get there chance someday, but I guess just not yet. 


I guess that is enough for tough parts, I wanted to first talk about our best progressing investigator, 송준영. He, I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but is a 'gangster'. He seems that was mainly just his past but we all know that he has a lot of work to do before January 10. Why that date? Oh because that is his baptismal date :-) The first time we asked him he kinda laughed, but as we talk about it more and more he says he wants to be a member and follow Jesus Christ and be happy. That makes us so happy. We thought that his biggest problem would be alcohol but surprising since we talked to him and his friend about it (they are supporting each other) he hasn't drank! So for the last 6 days he's been clean and he has just barely started!!!! Sounds like his biggest issue will be coffee but if he goes at it the way he did alcohol he will not have any issue! We talk to him just about every day and he loves hearing from us and is starting to realize why he feels so good when he's with us. I truly believe that he will be baptized and is on his way to becoming an amazing man! He is just someone that you can't really understand until you meet him haha, great guy! Sometimes he'll call us and just say, pray for me! Jeez, love that guy!


Then our other really great investigator's name is 김준석. He is the same age as me, he was the one who stopped us on the street! Anyway the more he meets with us the more he agrees! He said that he had heard our church was he racy, and that after he came to church with us he didn't understand why people thought that! We have a youth in the ward that is our fellow shipper for him and they are becoming really good friends! I really believe that he is going to be baptized once he becomes more comfortable with the ward and everyone there! 


We have a member in the ward who has some kind of physical impairment so he rides everywhere on this big tricycle that has all these gadgets on them. So a few days ago we went over to help him fix it up and he told me it's name... 3 Nephi!!! haha so I asked why it was named that and he said that 1st Nephi was at the dump and 2nd Nephi had no gears! It really made me laugh, I love the people in the ward and in this country! There is something about some of them that just make them the sweetest people! 

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