Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Last Week in The MTC!!!

There is no way to express the craziness that has filled this week! Although it has been practically the same as any other week, it couldn't be any different! I cannot believe that I haven't see any of you in the last 8-9 weeks of my life. It really is a change! Anyways I'll just kinda explain real quick how this week started out. Friday morning we got our flight plans, which set us all off and got us all insanely excited! The biggest surprise about it was that we are going straight from SLC airport to Tokyo Japan! That is like a 12-13 hour flight! I'm not sure but we may have a stop in Portland too... Guess I might as well read the book of Mormon again or something ;-) From there we have a 3 hour layover and then on to Busan South Korea! 
   I just wanted to take a minute real quick and thank everyone who has sent me letters or packages! They are always a pick me up! And Dad got mad at me for not giving him any glory for the cinnamon rolls he sent me so I've got to thank him for that now ;-) Those and the toaster oven are a really great combo though, my breakfast now consists of chocolate milk and a heated cinnamon roll :-) 

This week we were lucky enough to participate in testimony meeting of English speaking elders. Not just normal English speakers, foreign English speakers. these 5 people were from all over the world and were going English speaking. They testified to us and I don't think any of us realized the power of a testimony, even if it was in a broken language. They did not teach us through their language, they taught us through the Spirit of God and I was overcome, in tears. It made me think of everyone at home, my family. I wanted to just shout out to everyone the testimony that I've grown here, but I know I'll get my chance :-) 

So on Sunday sacrament meetings our presidency chooses 2 people randomly to give talks. The brutal thing is they don't tell you until you here the conductor announce your name (in Korean). I was chosen. It was very weird, because normally I am really nervous about it up until the names are announced, but a part of me knew that I was getting called for some reason. When I was called I bowed my head in prayed and quickly said, "Please do not let me be the one giving this talk, let me be your instrument, speak through me". I got up to the pulpit and began to speak, I began to speak smoother than I ever had in Korean, I didn't feel worried, I wasn't scared, except my body hadn't figured that out yet because it was still shaking hahaha. I wasn't sure if it was making sense until I got down from the pulpit, the Korean natives were smiling and shaking their heads up and down so I took that as enough of 'you did good'. :-) 

We did one on one coaching and evaluations with our teachers this week too, and it was what I needed. My companion is very very good at this language and sometimes I struggle to keep up. But that is not what my Teacher thought. She said exactly what I needed to hear. Sister Washburn told me that I am one of the most sincere and caring missionaries. She told me that I truly concentrate on the Investigator and that is more valuable than any part of the language :-) even my Branch President complimented me on it which was a nice relief.

This week we had our 2 sisters from Tonga leave for Korea early, it was pretty sad because we all had really grown close. 

 Love you all!!!

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